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51001/9100 16' Climbing Stick

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The first page of your instruction manual is a contents page of the parts you are to find in your box.  Below the claim form is also a picture of the parts list.  You will see a letter next to each part which identifies the part.  If the part is a nut or washer there is no letter.  Find the part letter you are missing and fill in the form below. Please allow 72 hours for processing time and allow 12 business days for your part to deliver before calling customer service to inquire about delivery of the part.  ALL orders are shipped UPS Ground.

You will receive a confirmation after submitting the form below acknowledging we have received your claim.

If there are any problems in processing your claim or further information is needed, a customer service rep will contact you directly prior to the part shipping.  In some instances part shipments can take 21 days if the part is not available in the USA and must ship direct from the factory.

All fields are required in order to process your customer service claim.


       Full Name:

Email address:

Confirm email:

Street Address:
                       (Cannot ship to PO Boxes)

               City: State: Zip:

     Phone No. :

       Model No.: Year Manf:

Date Purchased:

       Part Number:   Quantity needed:
       (If no part letter, enter description only below)

      (Description as it appears on contents page)

Reason for replacement:

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Please directly email service@treestandcustomerservice.com or click your back button to return to the form and enter the missing information" & vbCrLf Response.Write "

Click here to return to customer service" & vbCrLf Set Mailer = Nothing End If else Response.Write("You entered the wrong code.") end if Response.Write("" & vbCrLf) end if %>



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